The Good Rubbish Company

The Good Rubbish Company

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Dickon Leigh-Wood

Chris Hartley


Company Bio

We believe in providing a service that is second to none in reliability, efficiency, professionalism and environmental sustainability. After serving in the Army, our founder Dickon Leigh-Wood decided to start a business linked to his degree of Environmental Biology and his natural love for the planet. 

The Good Rubbish Company has a military ethos with similar values of Discipline, Respect, Integrity, and Loyalty. We have close partnerships with both military and homeless charities aiming to help those who have served and who perhaps have fallen on hard times. Soldiers provide military efficiency, honesty and loyalty to each other.

Through our training programs we teach furniture renovation skills where each item rebuilt is sold and the revenue returns to our training programmes to further help others.

Our aim is to put Zero to Landfill by being as green and innovative as possible. Through our network across London we can reuse, refurbish, upcycle, and recycle almost everything.

The Good Rubbish Company
1 – 6 Yarmouth Place

T: 0203 393 2429