Urban Car Spa

Former Army Majors Jonny Rees-Davies and James Pettit have launched Urban Car Spa to bring military standards of perfection to civilian car cleaning.

Ten years in the cavalry and 10 years in the infantry, commanding hundreds on operational tours, have ensured that both men have relentlessly high standards, knowledge and experience when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of vehicles.

By tapping into tens of thousands of ex-service personnel and helping them to break into civvy street as well as bringing their expertise with them, Urban Car Spa aims to set the highest benchmark for washing and valeting services in the UK.

C/o AFP Services
Satra Innovation Park,
Satra House,
Rockingham Rd,
NN16 9JD

  • 0771 424 5507

  • jonny@urbancarspa.co.uk


    Johnn Rees-Davies

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